Efficiency in movement

S.T.M. has developed specific expertise in the renewable energy market, an area in which the company is particularly receptive, has therefore taken up the challenge and today provides the leading players in the industry.

The renewable energies (wind, solar, hydroelectric, marine, geothermal energies, biomass and biofuels) are considered as particularly important by the UE Commission, which in its “Energy Roadmap 2050” asks to present a more ambitious climate and energy package 2030 which increases the EU target for RES to at least 30% to be implemented by means of individual national targets.
We supply this always increasing market sector with our Gearboxes and Motorgearboxes (universal and double Worm gearboxes, also with Torque Limiters, Planetary, Slewing Planetary, Inline, Parallel and Shaft mounted with long center distance gearboxes). These ensure the best performances on the main sector applications: wind and hydroelectric turbines, pellet heating and solar trackers.

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