We manufacture using solar energy.
In 2010 STM S.p.A. initiated and completed the construction of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity, in order to reduce the impact of the consumption of traditional resources for its energy needs and limiting the emission of polluting gases.
It was an investment worth about € 2,875,027 which led to the installation of 4,404 polycrystalline modules (205 Wp power of each module) for a net area of 10,402 square meters with an installed capacity of 902.82 kWp and an output of 1,100 kWh/kW.
The annual producible electricity will be about 993,107.50 kWh, the reduction of CO2 emissions will be 527.34 tons/year and reducing fossil fuel consumption will be 198.62 TEP/year.
The plant is equipped with a system of monitoring and supervision by a datalogger connected to the nr 67 inverter SINVERT PVM17 SIEMENS distribution as environmental sensors, which allows real-time display of electrical, energy statistics, environmental parameters and the management of diagnostic plant.
The new solar panels will cover about 49% of business requirements, with savings STM SpA estimated at around € 176,000 /year, which must be added the proceeds of the Energy Bill.