Until April 3rd 2020



Following the expansion that the contagion is having in our country, as well as throughout Europe and in the rest of the world, the government has decided to stop all production and service activities except for those essential to the nation.


In compliance with these ministerial provisions, we also find ourselves forced to discontinue activities until April 3rd 2020 to avoid contact between people and prevent the pandemic from continuing to spread. Fortunately, the situation in our area and especially in our company is currently under control.


Despite all the efforts made by our collaborators in the past weeks to guarantee services, in compliance with the decision of our government, taken to protect the health of all people, the temporary suspension of our production activities is necessary.


However, it will be possible to find the products in European and Extra-European retailers, obiouvsly in countries where activities is still permitted without restrictions, consult the list here on our website. We invite you to contact your sales representative for any further information and/or needs.


Due to the speed with which the situation changes, we will do our best to keep you informed in the coming days regarding any changes to the indications mentioned above. We will not be able to ensure all the delivery dates already confirmed considering right now, those subject to slippage, due to force majeure.


At the end of this momentary suspension, we will take care of reprogramming all your orders in order to ship them as soon as possible.

 In the next emails about updates we will communicate some contacts, for emergencies, during the period indicated above.


 We will use these days to prepare ourselves to start more energetically and to be by your side as always!